7 Sea Creatures That Exist On Earth

As a matter of fact we all know that the earth consists of 75% of water, obviously there would be some kind of monsters like creatures existing over there and the most important thing is that we don't know much about it. This must be very interesting to know about right? Or maybe scary! These creatures are the exact hideous looking monsters–here we are talking about the stuff nightmares are made of!

1. Mola Mola

This is our first ugly looking fish named "Mola Mola" which is also popularly known as the ocean sunfish. These sunfishes can be as long and tall when their fins and dorsal are been extended.

This creature is actually the heaviest of all the bony fishes weighing around 2,200 pounds. These sunfishes live mostly on a diet consisting of only jellyfish but since this stuff is not nutritious they consume large amount to maintain their great bulk.

2. Barreleye Fish

This is our second creature known as "the barreleye fish", which is also called by the name of the spooky fish. It actually has barrel-shaped eyes, which is mainly used by him to detect preys.

To get a better vision, these have dome-shaped, transparent heads which allows their eyes to collect even more light and it also protects its eyes from the stinging cells of the siphonophores, from which it is been assumed that the barreleye steal the food.

3. Fang tooth Fish

This is our third dangerous looking creature which is known by the name of "the fang tooth fish". These are found in temperate and tropical ocean regions and it is also one of the deepest living fish species discovered.

The fang tooth fish are famously known for their intimidating looking large pointy teeth which are used by them to hunt small other fishes. They teeth's are so huge that they are not able to completely close their mouth. There are some recessed pockets in the upper part of their mouth that is either side of their brain which helps them to close their mouth a little but not full.

4. Anglerfish

This is our next terrifying creature "the anglerfish", they are named for their mode of predation. They have a fleshy growth from the angler fish's head which acts as a lure and also helps them to attract the prey. In these species the males are significantly smaller than the female ones where their need no adaptation.

When a male encounters a female, he latches onto her with his sharp teeth and later it physically attaches with the female, and also losses all his internal organs except the testes. A female angler fish can carry six or more than those males on her body. With this the males can survive and they remain in this state till the end.

5. Northern Stargazer

This is our next weird creature. Wait why is it looking at me like that?! While the name given to him is "Northern Stargazer" which actually make it sounds like something sweet, cuddly fish, which in turn is obviously not true it's actually the polar opposite.

This is also known as the hideous fish which buries itself in the ocean food, then using its so called famous jolts of electricity to jolt prey before opening its giant freaking mouth to devour small fish and crustaceans whole. Anyone interested can go scuba diving to watch this! But I insist you to not just for the sake of your life.

6. Sarcastic Fringe head

Everyone meet this is another one bizarre monster also well known as" the Sarcastic Fringe head" which is a ferocious fish with a funny name, being 'sarcastic' is it!? This fish usually looks normal and calm when they are unthreatened, but as soon as they feel threatened, these fish open their huge ginormous mouths to scare the other organisms.

If two of its same kind comes into contact for a turf war, then they open their gaping jaws and like literally mouth wrestle!…and not in a romantic way for your kind information people!

7. Giant Isopod

Finally here is our last but not the least creature the well known "the giant Isopod" which is nothing but basically a giant bug of the ocean. These can actually grow up to 16 inches, this growing up stuff happens due to a weird water phenomenon known as "deep sea giganticism".

As a fact you would be knowing that the smaller bugs can roll into balls if they feel threatened and they live a single life, this is probably because that they are too hideous to even live with each other. These giant bugs can't be found in zoos or aquariums…but do you really want be up-close and personal with them!?