Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean which separate the Americas from Europe and AfricaThe Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the worldThe Kiel Canal (Germany), Oresund (Denmark-Sweden), Bosporus (Turkey), Strait of Gibraltar (Morocco-Spain), and the Saint Lawrence Seaway (Canada-US) are main strategic access waterways


Body of the water between Africa, Europe, the Southern Ocean, and the Western Hemisphere

Total Area

76.762 million sq kmThis contains Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Caribbean Sea, Davis Strait, Denmark Strait, part of the Drake Passage, Gulf of Mexico, Labrador Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, almost all of the Scotia Sea, and other tributary water bodies.Area - comparative: Slightly less than 6.5 times the size of the US.Coastline: 111,866 km



Tropical cyclones (hurricanes) develop off the coast of Africa close to Cape Verde and move westward into the Caribbean Sea, hurricanes can occur from May to December, but are most frequent from August to November


Surface generally covered with sea ice in Labrador Sea, Denmark Strait, and coastal portions of the Baltic Sea from October to June, clockwise warm-water gyre (broad, circular system of currents) in the northern Atlantic, counterclockwise warm-water gyre in the southern Atlantic, the ocean floor is dominated by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a rugged north-south centerline for the entire Atlantic basin

List of Seas in Atlantic Ocean

Adriatic Sea
Gulf of Mexico
Aegean Sea
Gulf of Sidra
Alboran Sea
Gulf of StLawrence
Argentine Sea
Gulf of Venezuela
Bay of Biscay
Ionian Sea
Bay of Bothnia
Labrador Sea
Bay of Campeche
Ligurian Sea