Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is an extended embayment of the Mediterranean Sea and it is located between the southern Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas, i.e., between the main lands of Greece and Turkey. It is connected to the Marmara Sea and Black Sea by the Dardanelles and Bosporus on the north. The Islands of the sea lies inside the sea and some islands bound it on the southern margin, including Crete and Rhodes. The Aegean Region consists of nine regions in southwestern Turkey, a part surrounding on the Aegean Sea.


The sea was conventionally called as Archipelago, which refers to the large number of islands, Aegean islands. Many of the islands in the Aegean have safe harbors and bays, but navigation through the sea was easier in ancient times than traveling across the rough land of the mainland of Greece. Many of the islands are volcanic, the marbles and irons are mined on other islands. The larger islands have some rich valleys and plains. Bozcaada (Tenedos) and G�k�eada (Imbros) are the main islands of Aegean and these are belongs to turkey and the rest belong to Greece.



The sea was named after the Greek town Aegae, or after Aegea, a queen of the Amazons who died in the sea, or Aigaion, the "sea goat", or especially among the Athenians, Aegeus, the father of Theseus, who drowned himself in the sea when he thought his son had died.

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