Labrador Sea

Between Greenland and Labrador, Labrador Sea is a support of the North Atlantic Ocean.The depth of water in the middle of Labrador Sea is around 3.3 km and it is bordered by continental shelves to the northwest, southwest, and northeast. It joins with Baffin Bay to the north through the Davis Strait.


The North American ice sheet frequently misshaped sending armadas of icebergs into Labrador Sea, during the ice age. Rocks that liquefy from the icebergs forms a layer of drop stones (glacial erratics) on the base of Labrador Sea.

One of the world's major turbidite strait runs from north to south in the center of Labrador Sea. The Sea is the basis of the North Atlantic Deep Water, highly saline, cold water that forms in the Labrador Sea and flows at large depth along the western edge of the North Atlantic, dispersing out to form the greatest identifiable water collection in the World Ocean.

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