Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is a smaller part of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is the ninth largest body of water in the world.


The North American continent and the island of Cuba bound the gulf largely. Gulf Coast of the United States bounds on the northeast, north and northwest, Mexico bounds on the southwest and south and Cuba on the southeast.


The ocean basin is approximately in oval shape and about 810 maritime miles (1,500 km) wide and roughly half of the basin is shallow intertidal waters. It covers about 615,000 mi� (1.6 million km�) and it is mostly filled with sedimentary rocks and debris. The deepest point is 14,383 ft (4,384 m) at the Sigsbee Deep, an irregular channel more than 300 maritime miles (550 km) long. Ranges of the tidals are very small due to the narrow connection with the ocean.

List of Seas in Atlantic Ocean

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Gulf of Mexico
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