Jules Underwater Lodge

  • Located: Key Largo, Florida in United States
  • Features: 2 sleeping room, 1 bathroom retreat that can be hired for a night
  • Offers: Scuba diving school
  • Cost:
    • Single person - $675 per person
    • Group of 3 to 4- $350 per person
    • Group of 5 to 6- $300 per person


It was originally established in the 1970s as a "La Chalupa Research Laboratory, an undersea marine lab operated off Puerto Ricbut", it was changed over to a lodge in the 1980s and named as "Jules Undersea Lodge".

To go into the Jules Lodge they have to scuba dive because of, it is 30 ft (9 m) deep along the sea level. Rooms are large; we can face out into the ocean through the round window of 106 cm (42 inch), and the front door is located 21 feet (6.4 m) underwater, so scuba certification needed compulsory for entry.