Poseidon Sea Floor Resort

  • Location: Katafanga Island in Fiji
  • Conceived and Developed: L. Bruce Jones, president of U.S. Submarines, Inc
  • Hotel: Deluxe 5 star hotel
  • Opened: September 2008


Poseidon is an undersea resort at 40 feet under the water in a lagoon off the coast of Fiji. It will be "the world first sea floor resort", the resort comprises 25 suites, a resort hotel, restaurant, saloon, theater, gym, dive shop and a group discussion room that replicates as a marriage chapel. Additionally, it comprises 51 hotel rooms, tennis court and a nine-hole golf course, and it proposed chain of underwater 5 star resorts.

Each suite they use plexiglass windows, because of detached for maintenance and safety. The cost of living in Poseidon for one week is $30,000 (per couple). See the refined feeling of underwater sea with pleasant look of coral reefs and fish's; if any problem develops one can close it away.

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