Savu Sea

The Savu Sea, also known as the Sawu Sea, is a small sea located in IndonesiaIt is named for the island of Savu (Sawu) which lies on its southern boundarySavu Sea is surrounded by Savu and Rai Jua to the south, the islands of Rote and Timor to the east, the island of Sumba to the east/northeast, and Flores and the Alor archipelago to the north/northwest

Between these islands, the sea flows into the Indian Ocean to the south and west, the Banda Sea to the northeast, and the Flores Sea to the north

Naming: The Savu Sea is about 3500 m in depthIts length is about 600 km from west to east, and 200 km from north to southKupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara region on the island of Timor, is the largest city in the SeaIt has about 450,000 inhabitants

The geological coordinates are: 9� 32' 23" S latitude, 122� 0' 12" E longitude

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