Baikal seal

Scientific Classification

Class: Mammalia

Order: Pinnipedia

Family: Phocidae

Genus: Phoca

Species: Phoca sibirica


The Baikal seal is the only freshwater seal type, and is common to Lake Baikal of Siberia. It is a small species of seal.Baikal seals are silver gray in color, though some are dotted. Baikal seals share a diversity of morphological individuality with arctic seals. Scientists have done that Baikal seals are very close relatives of the ringed seal. It is predictable that Baikal seals deviated from ringed seals about 500,000 years ago. They have bigger fore flippers than ringed seals, and it has two liters of blood more than ringed seals. The larger amount of blood permits the seal to jump for longer periods of time.


Adult seals grow up to 4.5 feet in length, and weigh up from 110-290lbs. Male seals are a tiny larger than female seals.


The Baikal seal's diet consists of these widespread fish species. These contain a few species of bullhead, and the golomyanka. This fish is a pearl colored, deep lake fish. It is very rich in Vitamin A. This type of fish does not swim in schools, avoiding its classification as a food fish.


Baikal seals are the only seal species to live totally in freshwater. Lake Baikal is a 395 mile lengthy lake in eastern Siberia, nearby Mongolia. It is the world’s oldest lake, dating rear 25-30 million years before, and the world's deepest lake, getting a predictable depth of 5,315 feet. A range of aquatic animals are widespread to Lake Baikal's extremely oxygenated water system.

Behavior / Reproduction

Baikal seals are private animals. During the winter season while the lake is freezing, seals preserve breathing holes. As the ice begins to melt, seals assemble around larger holes to hunt. Breeding occurs in the water, through late spring. Females experience a period of late implant. Growth lasts nine months. A pup is born on the ice in late winter season, between February and March. A newborn pup weighs upto 7-8lbs at birth and is regarding 3 feet in length. They are enclosed in a feathery white natural fur, called lanugo. This white fur is hut after six weeks, accompanied by the development of adult fur. Male seals attain sexual maturity at 4yrs -7 yrs. Female seal attain mature sexually at 3yrs-6 yrs.