Deep Sea Waters

Common Name: Banded Archerfish

Scientific Name: Toxotes Jaculatrix


The Banded Archerfish is known for its ability to shoot down resting insects by spitting a jet of water. Large archerfishes can hit a target 2-3m away. Archerfishes have adaptations to the mouth which enable spitting. When a Banded Archerfish shoots a jet of water, it raises its tongue against the roof of the mouth forming a tube. The gill covers quickly close forcing water along the tube. View an image of the mouth of a Seven-spot Archerfish.


The Banded Archerfish is usually white or silvery on the body with 4 to 5 black bars on the upper half of the body.

Location or Region Found

This species mostly lives in mangrove and estuarine habitats throughout much of the Indo-Pacific. It is only rarely encountered in freshwater. In Australia it is recorded from north-western Western Australia to northern Queensland.

Other Type of Archerfish