Sand Tiger shark

Common Name: Sand Tiger shark

Scientific Name: carcharios taurus


As you probably know already, a Sand Tiger shark is at least 12 feet long. It takes its name from its color, sand: for its deepness of murky sand, and tiger: for the long black stripes resembling a tiger.

The Sand Tiger is found in the western Atlantic Ocean, Central America, West South America, eastern Atlantic, South African coast, and western Pacific Ocean. The Sand Tiger prefers to stay in warm water at a depth of about 630 feet or 210 yards.

This shark dines or preys on herrings, blue fish, butter-fish, snappers, pargies, bonitos, eels, jacks, small sharks, squid crabs, lobster, and other invertebrates.

Some people consider sharks aggressive and dangerous, but the Sand Tiger is considered non-aggressive towards humans. If anything, humans are more dangerous to the Sand Tiger than it is to humans. The Sand Tiger is caught for aquariums, white-meat, liver-oil, and for its fins.