Pearl Sea Products

Precious pearls arise in the wild, but they are extremely rare. Cultured or farmed pearls create up the popular of those that are now sold. Pearls from the sea are esteemed more highly than freshwater pearls.

A pearl is a hard, common sphere-shaped object produced within the soft tissue of a livelihood shelled mollusk. Just similar to the shell of a mollusk, a pearl is made up of calcium carbonate in tiny crystalline shapes, which have been deposited in concentric layers. The model pearl is absolutely rounded and smooth, but lots of other shapes of pearls happen.

Some of the model pearls

  • Sea Pearls
  • Group of Sea-Pearls
  • Swirl Sea-Pearl
  • Black Sea-pearls
  • Golden Sea-Pearl
  • South Sea-Pearl
  • White South Sea-Pearls