Can shark meat be used as food for humans? Is it true that the meat of the hammerhead shark is poisonous?

Yes to the first question. Shark meat is palatable and nutritious if properly prepared. In some countries shark meat is marketed under its common name, in others it is marketed under various names. The fish in England's "fish and chips" is sometimes dogfish or school shark (although this would be considered low quality "fish & chips". True "fish and chips" consists of cod, haddock (the 2 most popular) and also plaice). The prejudice against shark meat arises from a distaste for the scavenging habits people attribute to sharks, and to the fact that the meat spoils quickly. The meat of certain species is apt to be strongly flavored, a characteristic that may be reduced by icing for 24 hours, then soaking for two hours in brine Dry salted shark has become a staple food in some countries where salt cod was formerly popular. But shark liver should never be eaten - its high concentrations of vitamins can cause illness in humans. It is only a rumor that the hammerhead is poisonous.