Shovelnose Catfish

Common Name: Shovelnose Catfish

Scientific Name: Ariopsis paucus


The Shovelnose Catfish can be recognised by its forked tail, wide mouth and truncate snout. It usually has a smaller eye than the similar looking Silver Cobbler, Ariopsis midgleyi*.


It grows to at least 60 cm in length.

Location or Region Found

The Shovelnose Catfish is usually found in freshwaters over soft substrates.

This species is endemic to Australia, occurring from the Roper River, Northern Territory to Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. Its distribution is disjunct from that of the Silver Cobbler, which occurs in more westerly drainages including the Victoria, Katherine, Daly, Ord and Kimberley as well as northern waterways such as the Alligator River.

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