Underwater Volcanoes

As the name indicates deep sea volcanoes are found on the ocean floor from which magma can explode. Annually it can burst out 75% of magma. Anyhow there are maximum variations between the lava produced by undersea water and earth surface volcanoes. The lava comes from the volcanoes flows into the solid crust which in turn formed as pillow magma or lava. Since it explodes in the deep sea water it becomes cool and freeze faster than the earth surface volcanic eruption.

Many deep-sea volcanoes are usually established as seamounts. They are naturally formed from the destroyed volcanoes that grow rapidly and are usually found rising from an ocean floor of up to 4000 meters distance downward. It can also rise up to 1000 meters above the ocean floor and they are found in the scientific study of oceans. Throughout submarine explosion in the deep sea, vast masses of wreckage are built up just about the lively volcanic emit. Ocean in progress modifies the wreckage in shallow water, while other wreckage crashes from the upper part of the cone and flows into profound water along the ocean floor.