Whitetip reef Shark

Common Name:Whitetip reef shark

Scientific Name:Triaenodon obesus


This type of sharks is differed from others by its distinct white tip on dorsal and top caudal fins. A newly born shark have maximum of 1.6 meter in length.It can be easily documented by six factors such us :its slender body ,short but board head,tubular skin flaps beside the nostrils, oval eyes with vertical pupils,white-tipped dorsal and caudal fin.

Region Found

South africa and central America .It is naturally found in clear water at a depth of 8-40meter.


Inshore/Offshore:coupled in the midst of reefs and shoals.


Deeper water, made incomparable record in Ryukyu islands at 330meters in depth.


The snout is short, blunted and largely rounded. The teeth are smooth with a long central cusp that has a single distinct cusplet on either sides.

Other Names

. Whitetip shark. . blunthead shark.


52-200 cm.

Similar Species

Coral reef shark.

Population Status



Inshore gillnet and line fisheries, hardly ever encountered in the hollow of Carpentaria but periodically in east coast fisheries.