Wobbegong Shark

Common Name: Wobbegong Shark

Scientific Name: Orectolobus maculates


Wobbegongs are small to large , bottom-dwelling sharks characterised by a trampled head and body, numerous dermal lobes around the head and sophisticated blush. The tasseled wobbegong has a solid tassel of dermal lobes roughly on the head. Blotches form a complex mosaic pattern.The spotted wobbegong has gloomy saddles superimposed and delimited by white rings and blotches.

A smaller genus, the northern wobbegong has three large pale-edged, dark blotches along the back and dark bands under each dorsal fin .The banded wobbegong has dark saddles with white rings and blotches highlighted by black edges. There are two supraocular knobs above the eyes and four to six dermal lobes at the praocular group.The ornate wobbegong is similar to the banded wobbegong but smaller, more stippled and lacking supraocular knobs. There are three dermal lobes at the praocular group.


Wobbegong sharks occur along the east coast from southern Queensland throughout Western Australia, including Tasmania. They populate shallow, inshore waters (less than 100 metres deep) where rock and weed are outstanding.


The head & body are various shades of brown forming blotchy patterns, and they have abundant skin flaps just about the mouth. Wobbegong sharks can become insistent if disturbed, and are able to reach reverse and bite a hand holding their tail.


Length -3meter.

Weight-above 70kg.

Similar Species

Ornate Wobbegang.

Gulf Wobbegang.

Spotted Wobbegang.


Includes various shes,small sharks,rays,octopus,occasionally invertebrates.

Regions Found

Coastal waters of New South Wales

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