Orange-fin Anemonefish

Common Name: Orange-fin Anemonefish

Scientific Name: Amphiprion chrysopterus


The Orange-fin Anemonefish has a moderately deep, compressed body. The body is brown to black with two white to blue bars. The dorsal fin is orange to yellow and the tail is white. There is some variation in the colouration of the anal fin across the geographic range of this species. The anal fin of Australian fish is black.

The Orange-fin Anemonefish looks similar to the Barrier Reef Anemonefish and Clark's Anemonefish Amphiprion clarkii.

The Barrier Reef Anemonefish is a lighter colour than the Orange-fin Anemonefish and its anal fin is never black. The Barrier Reef Anemonefish is much more common than the Orange-fin Anemonefish.

The Orange-fin Anemonefish grows to 16cm in length.


It lives among the tentacles of several species of anemones at depths from 1m to 20m. It has been seen in the tentacles of Stichodactyla mertensii, Heteractis crispa and H.aurora.


This species feeds mainly on zooplankton and algae.

Location or Region Found

It occurs in tropical marine waters of the Western Pacific.

In Australia it is known from the northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland.

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