Glover's Anglerfish

Common Name: Glover's Anglerfish
Scientific Name: Rhycherus gloveri


Glover’s Anglerfish is covered with fleshy tentacles. It lacks scales. The dorsal fin comprises three spines, the first of which (the illicium) has a tapering esca that resembles a small crustacean. The esca has a v-shaped depression along its inner margin with a cluster of long filaments basally and shorter filaments distally . The three spines are followed by 12 to 13 rays.

Glover's Anglerfish is endemic to Australia, occurring in coastal rocky reefs from eastern South Australia to south-western Western Australia.

Glover's Anglerfish looks similar to the Tasselled Anglerfish. They can be separated by the shape of their escas and length of the illicium, which is longer in the Tasselled Anglerfish.

Size and Characteristics

It grows to about 16 cm in length.

The species is light to dark brown dorsally, often with three dark bars on the sides of the body.

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