Prickly Anglerfish

Common Name: Prickly Anglerfish

Scientific Name: Echinophryne crassispina


The Prickly Anglerfish has a short, deep body that is covered with tiny bifircate spines. The eyes are surrounded by a ring of close-set dermal spinules. The dorsal fin is comprised of four parts, a short illicium two separate skin-covered spines and a long-based soft-rayed fin that is separate from the caudal fin.

Colouration of the species is variable, but may be reddish, brown, pinkish or yellowish.

The Prickly Anglerfish has also been called the Prickly Frogfish and Thick-spined Anglerfish.


It grows to about 7 cm in length.

Location or Region Found

This species is endemic to Australia, occurring from Tasmania, Victoria and eastern South Australia.

It is a benthic species that is found on inshore rocky reefs down to depths of about 20 m. It is not commonly seen because it lives under rocks and ledges.

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