Smooth Anglerfish

Common Name: Smooth Anglerfish

Scientific Name: Histiophryne bougainvilli


As its standard name implies, the Smooth Anglerfish is very smooth to the touch. Its colour is variable from white to pale orange or black. It can have small to moderate-sized white rimmed spots.

The species can be distinguished by its relatively long (5.4-8.9% SL) illicium. When not raised, the illicium and esca lie within a groove on the snout.

Fishes in the genus Histiophryne are unique among anglerfishes because the second and third dorsal fin spines are visible only as low bumps on the top of the head and nape. These species are also unusual because the dorsal and anal fins extend posteriorly beyond the base of the caudal fin.


The Smooth Anglerfish grows to about 9 cm in length.

Location or Region Found

It is a benthic species that has been found in inshore waters, rocky reefs and coral reefs.

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