Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea is a part of Indian Ocean which is located to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, west of Thailand, south of Myanmar, and east of the Andaman Islands. It covers approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) length and 650 kilometres width, and an area of about 797,700 square kilometres (308,000 sq mi). The average depth of the sea is about 870 metres (2,854 ft), and the greatest depth is 3,777 metres (12,392 ft).


Volcanic Activity

Barren Island, an active volcano lies to the east of the Great Andaman island group. The volcanic action is because of the ongoing subduction of the India Plate under the Andaman island arc that forces magma to rise in this place of the Burma Plate. Another volcanic island of Narcondam is located to the north was also formed by the above process.


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