Timor Sea

The Timor Sea is surrounded by the island of Timor to the north, by the Arafura Sea to the east, by Australia to the south and by the Indian Ocean to the west. The sea is the habitat for a number of reefs; also there are uninhabited islands and significant hydrocarbon reserves.



East of the sea is called as the Arafura Sea. The Timor Sea is neighboring to two substantial bays on the north Australian coast, the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf and the Van Diemen Gulf.

The sea covers about 480 km (300 statute miles) width, and an area of about 610,000 km�. (235,000 square miles). Timor Trough is the deepest point that lies in the northern part of the sea and its depth is 3,300 m (10,800 ft). Many storms and cyclones initiate in the sea.

Islands: Melville Island, part of the Tiwi Islands, off Australia and the Australian-governed Ashmore and Cartier Islands are the significant islands among other islands in the sea.

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