Blackspot Angelfish

Common Name: Blackspot Angelfish
Scientific Name: Genicanthus melanospilos


Male Blackspot Angelfish are bluish white with narrow black bars on the body. The dorsal, anal and caudal fins have yellow spots. The caudal fin is lunate.

Female Blackspot Angelfish are yellow on top and blue below. The lunate caudal fin is bluish with a black stripe on the upper and lower edges.

Angelfish are related to the butterflyfishes (Family Chaetodontidae), but have a distinctive preopercular spine (glossary), that is lacking in the butterflyfishes.


This species grows to 18cm in length.


It feeds on plankton picked from currents, generally a few metres above the bottom.

Location or Region Found

It inhabits offshore reef slopes and rubble areas that are interspersed with sand. Males are often seen with a harem of 3 to 4 females.

The Blackspot Angelfish is found in depths from 20m to 45m.

This species occurs in tropical marine waters of the Western Pacific, from Malaysia, north to Japan, south to Australia and east to Fiji.

Other Types of Angelfish