Bicolor Angelfish

Common Name: Bicolor Angelfish
Scientific Name: Centropyge bicolor


Bicolor Angelfish are yellow anteriorly and blue posteriorly. There is a blue bar above the eyes and the caudal fin is yellow.


This species grows to 15cm in length.

Bicolor Angelfish inhabit rubbly areas in lagoons and on reef slopes. They use crevices in the reef for shelter. This fish is commonly seen singly, in pairs or in small aggregations.


The Bicolor Angelfish feeds on algae, small crustaceans and worms close to the bottom.

Location or Region Found

It is found in depths from 3m to 25m.

It occurs in tropical marine waters of the Western Pacific, from Malaysia, north to Japan, south to Australia and east to Fiji.

In Australia it is known from the north-western coast of Western Australia around the tropical north of the country, and south to northern New South Wales.

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