Blue-ringed Angelfish

Common Name: Blue-ringed Angelfish
Scientific Name: Pomacanthus annularis


Adult Blue-ringed Angelfish are yellow with distinct curved blue lines on the body and a blue ring above the gill cover. The tip of the dorsal fin is often elongate and the caudal fin is white with a yellow margin.Juvenile Blue-ringed Angelfish are blueish-black with narrow white to blue curved bars on the body.


This species grows to 45cm in length. They are commonly seen around caves, wrecks or jetties, and often in murky water. This fish is usually seen in pairs or as solitary individuals.


The Blue-ringed Angelfish feeds on sponges, sea squirts, salps and zooplankton. Blue-ringed Angelfish inhabit coral reefs.

Location or Region Found

It is found in depths from 1m to 60m.It occurs in tropical marine waters of the Indo-West Pacific, from East Africa, north to Japan, south to Indonesia and east to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

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