Three-spot Angelfish

Common Name: Three-spot Angelfish

Scientific Name: Apolemichthys trimaculatus


Three-spot Angelfish have a yellow body and blue lips. There is a black spot on the forehead and another faint one behind the gill cover. The anal fin has a wide black margin.

Juvenile Three-spot Angelfish are similar to adults, but lack the spots around the head. They have a narrow black band through eye and a series of golden bars on the side.


This species grows to 25cm in length. Three-spot Angelfish are usually seen on reef slopes and dropoffs. They are sometimes found in lagoons and on shallower reefs. This species is usually seen in pairs or as solitary individuals. Juveniles are secretive, using reef crevices for shelter.


The Three-spot Angelfish feeds on algae, sea squirts and salps.

Location or Found Region

Adults are found in depths from 3m to 60m, however juveniles are usually seen at depths below 25m.

It occurs in tropical marine waters of the Indo-West Pacific, from East Africa, throughout South-east Asia and Micronesia, north to Japan, south to Australia and east to Samoa.

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