Emperor Angelfish

Common Name: Emperor Angelfish
Scientific Name: Pomacanthus imperator


Adult Emperor Angelfish have diagonal yellow and purplish-blue stripes on the body, and a curved black bar covering the eye.

Angelfishes of the genus Pomacanthus are known for their dramatic colour changes with growth. The juvenile Emperor Angelfish (bottom image) is dark blue-black with a white ring on the rear of the body. This is surrounded by incomplete circles of blue and white.

Juveniles are often seen under ledges near cleaner shrimps. View a wider image of the fish in the bottom image surrounded by the cleaner shrimp Lysmata amboinensis.


This species grows to 38cm in length.

Location or Region Found

The Emperor Angelfish occurs on coral reefs throughout much of the Indo-Central


In Australia it is known from the central Western Australian coast, around the tropical north and south to the central New South Wales coastline.

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