English Channel

The English Channel is a part of the Atlantic Ocean which divides England from northern France, and connects the North Sea to the Atlantic. The channel covers around 560 km (350 mi) length and the range of width is from 240 km (150 mi) to 34 km (21 mi) in the Strait of Dover.



The Channel is often considered as the line between Land's End and Ushant on the west, and the Strait of Dover on the east. It is comparatively shallow and covers an area of about 75,000 km2 (29,000 sq mi) and the average depth varies from 120 m (390 ft) to the 45 m (150 ft).

Islands: The Isle of Wight in the English coast and the Channel Islands in the coast of France are the notable islands in the channel. In the west the Celtic sea forms as a boundary.

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