East Siberian Sea

The East Siberian Sea is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean; it lies between the Arctic Cape in the North, the New Siberian Islands in the West, the coast of Siberia in the South and Cape Billings, close to Gytkhelen, Chukotka, and Wrangel Island in the East. The sea surrounds the Laptev Sea in the West and the Chukchi Sea in the East.


The sea opens into the Arctic Ocean to the north; the main gulfs like the Kolyma Bay, the Kolyma Gulf and the Chaunskaya Bay are located in its southern border.

The Sea covers an area of 361,000 square miles. 70% of the sea is not deeper than 50 m; the deepest point is 155 m. The coast is mountainous in the East and flat in the West.


In the summer the average air temperature is from 0C to 2C (4C in the South), and in the winter it reaches up to -30C.The northern part of the sea is mostly covered with ice. The eastern coasts have some terrain and hills, but the western coasts are mostly low-lying and covered with tundra, marshes and multitude of small lakes.

Islands: The Sea has no islands in the middle, but there are a few islands and island groups in its coastal waters, such as Ayon Island and the Medvyezhi island group.


The Indigirka, the Alazeya, The Ujandina, the Chukochya River, the Kolyma, the Rauchua, the Chaun, and the Pegtymel are the most important rivers flowing into East Siberian Sea.

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