Pechora Sea

Pechora Sea is a sea that lies at the northwest of Russia and at the southeastern part of the Barents Sea. Kolguyev Island is the western border of the sea, while western coasts of Vaygach Island and the Yugorsky Peninsula are the eastern border, and the southern end of Novaya Zemlya is the northern border.

The Pechora Sea is a shallow sea with the average depth of 6m. The deepest point of the sea may be 210 m. The eastward-flowing Kolguyev Current runs in the southern part of the sea. There are only few islands lies close to the coast, Dolgiy Island is the largest among them.The floating ice blocks the Pechora Sea from November to June. Pechora is the main river which enters into the sea.


Pechora Sea floor has the great diversity of benthic fauna. In addition, there is a genetically different Polar Bear population associated with the Barents Sea.

Resources: At present there is some oil drilling in the Pechora Sea at the Dolginskoye and Prirazlomnoye oil fields.


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