Amundsen Gulf

Amundsen Gulf is a gulf and a part of Arctic Ocean, lies in Canadian Northwest Territories, between Banks Island and Victoria Island and the mainland.

The gulf covers approximately 250 miles (402 km) in length and about 93 miles (150 km) across and here it meets the Beaufort Sea. The Amundsen Gulf is located at the western end of the famous Northwest Passage, a path from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. Along the shores of the gulf, few people are living. Sachs Harbour, Holman, and Paulatuk. Heading north in the gulf one would find the Prince of Wales Strait are few towns and communities.


The entire gulf lies in the Arctic tundra climate region, so it is featured by extremely cold winters. In late winter season the Amundsen Gulf is covered by the sea ice. During a normal year, ice smashes up in July, but in the far eastern and northern part of the gulf the breaking up of ice is only in August.


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