Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay is a large body of water lies in the northeastern Canada. It covers a very large area that includes parts of Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, most of Manitoba, southeastern Nunavut, as well as parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. James Bay is a smaller derivative of the bay, lies to the south. Hudson Bay is listed by the International Hydrographic Organization as part of the Arctic Ocean.



Climate: Hudson Bay is the centre for the main ice sheet that covers northern North America during the last Ice Age. The whole region has very low average temperatures, year round. In late summer, water temperature varies between 8 and 9C on the western side of the bay.The bay is largely frozen over from mid-December to mid-June when it usually clears from its eastern end westwards and southwards.

Islands: Many islands of Hudson Bay mostly lies near the eastern coast. Belcher Islands is the one group of islands, with a reputable name. Another group is the Ottawa Islands.

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